In the realm of business, disputes are not just challenges; they’re opportunities to reinforce relationships, understand diverse perspectives, and forge ahead with stronger, mutually beneficial agreements.

Mediation stands out as the beacon of dispute resolution, offering a path that is not only efficient and effective, but also aligns with the core values of business continuity and relationship management.

Choosing to mediate reflects a commitment to constructive dialogue, collaboration, and the pursuit of solutions that are beneficial to all parties involved.

Here’s why mediation is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for resolving commercial disputes:

The 5 things you need to know about choosing the right mediator

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Efficiency and Speed

Time is a precious commodity in business. Unlike court proceedings, which can drag on for months or even years, mediation is designed to reach a resolution in a much shorter timeframe. This swift process ensures that businesses can return to their normal operations sooner, minimising disruptions and the drain on resources associated with prolonged disputes.


Litigation is expensive. When you factor in legal fees, court costs, and the time away from your business, the price of resolving disputes through the courts can escalate quickly. Mediation, by contrast, is significantly less costly, providing a more economical alternative that saves you money, allowing those funds to be better invested back into your business.


Business matters are often sensitive. Mediation offers a confidential process where the details of the dispute and the terms of the resolution are kept private, away from the public eye. This privacy is invaluable for preserving a company’s reputation, safeguarding trade secrets, and maintaining competitive advantages.

Control Over the Outcome

In litigation, the final decision rests in the hands of a judge or jury, which can result in outcomes that satisfy neither party. Mediation puts the resolution back into the hands of those involved, granting more control over the outcome. This collaborative approach often leads to more creative, pragmatic, and satisfactory solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the parties involved.

High Success Rate and Compliance

Mediations have a high success rate, with a significant majority of disputes (around 80%) being resolved through the process. Moreover, because the resolution is mutually agreed upon, compliance with the mediated agreement is typically higher than with court-imposed judgments, reducing the risk of future disputes.

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