I’m Claire Henley, I decided to qualify as a mediator so that I could help SME’s to find a satisfactory resolution to issues that inevitably crop up in the course of doing business.

With my background in management accountancy, I understand the day-to-day pressures you experience in running your business. I have seen first hand how business to business disputes can distract key employees from their day job and take up a disproportionate amount of management time.

I have held management positions in hospitality, financial services, engineering, banking and the charity sector – everything from corporates, SME’s to start-ups. This gives me a breadth of knowledge that enables me to quickly grasp the situation and calmly consider both sides.

Engage me to mediate your dispute and you can get back to the business of doing business.

The 5 things you need to know about choosing the right mediator

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Choosing a mediator is an important and personal decision. Please therefore feel free to schedule your no obligation call with me below, to see if we’re the right fit